Basic Transmutation / Alien-Migration

transmutationAlien.jpg                                                                         Photo Merryl Messaoudi CC BY 2.0

« In Transmutation de base (Basic Transmutation), choreographer Aniara Rodado creates a participatory space for immersive human-plant interaction. While the movements of the dancer are derived from scientific research into the movement of plants, into mechanical transduction, morphogenesis and collective plant movements, the audience is invited on stage to be immersed into the olfactory scope produced in real time by the large distillation apparatuses that are blown, on purpose, as ‘glitches’.  In order to address and destabilize human stereotypes of how plants are considered, Rodado distills symbolically highly charged plants, such as ‘alien’ or ‘invasive’ eucalyptus.  Contact microphones and hydrophones amplify the micro-frictions emerging from a ‘sound kitchen’, completing the immersive smell scape with a sound scape to create intriguing effects of synesthesia. This piece, conceptually developed together with physicist Jean-Marc Chomaz, aims at emphasizing the need to slow down to a ‘plantamorphized’ temporal scale, and engage in other sensorial interaction modes than human-centered sight, beyond cognition, in times of environmental crisis and anthropogenic excesses. » Jens Hauser for Click Festival

Alien3.jpg                                                                             Photo Merryl Messaoudi CC BY 2.0

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