Becoming machine-witch-plant: Gynaecological TransHackFeminism and joyful dystopia.

Aniara_Vanille Photo de Solène Garnier CC BY 2.0


A proposition by Aniara Rodado for Bandits-Mages 2015.

Performers Poussy Draama (DocteurE Caroline Duchesne), Paula Pin (Gynepunk-pechblenda), and Aniara Rodado (Transmutation de base/Vanille) develop different kinds of intermedia practices trough out a trans-feminist and bold approach, being seriously concerned about living organisms. They will be gathering for workshops and performances around DIY-DWO gynaecology.

«Our gynaecological self-care is a cyborg, trans-species and collective matter. We look at with a holistic approach in a world where anything else is falling apart. We already are in dystopia. We take off from our bodies to bastardize and “multimorphise” ourselves within a strong coalition together with the neglected:
Plants: Neglected by Biology
Weird female body: Neglected by Anatomy.
Low/outdated technologies: Neglected by commercial centres.
Witches, shamans, alchemists: Neglected by Science.» 


« Pechblenda &Transmutation de base / Vanille » Paula Pin et Aniara Rodado avec Poussy Draama et Anton Mobin from Bandits-Mages on Vimeo.