Becoming plant-witch-machine – Gynaecological TransHackFeminism and joyful dystopia


Tinker our machines in order not to have to go to the lab dissecting our body liquids, do our own biopsies, colour our urine, look at our uterus tissues as something less familiar than our kitchen. Bio-electro chemistry experimentation. Radical self-power.

Enhance our perception abilities, using our body as a constant experimentation feld. Thank the frog allowing us to know the result of our pregnancy test. Mutualise all these knowledges, make them public and reachable. Transform the speculum or other electro-simulation devices into objects of pleasure and hack it all.

 Give birth, abort, get high, bleed, rest. Medical and pharmaceuticals not only is an highly powerful biotechnological industry. Rather, one should not forget than all pharmacopeia are based on knowing plants, taking care of them, distil, mix, infuse, burn, and compact them.

To keep in touch with some of our cells, our fuids and the world, we do not consider plants as sole food resources or treating active principles repositories. Luckily plants do come pick us up and they don’t beat around the bush!

 Based in scientific methodology and discipline and in the knowledge that comes thought the experience of each body, ancestral body wisdom. Like this other gynepunks will ferment and mutate going fast forward to a explosive and expansive movement towards radical experiments, collective strong confidence, to build our-body politics. Something that is Vital to share and spread in infinite pandemoniums.

Performers: Klau Kinki (Gynepunk), Paula Pin (Pechblenda) and Aniara Rodado will be gathering for installation and performance around DIY-DWO gynaecology whith a special gests, sound artist Oscar Martin physics artist  Jean Marc Chomaz for Shadows